Book Detail

Publisher: DI MARSICO LIBRI , 2016

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-99123-26-0

For a Breath…

Per un soffio...

A story of solidarity, mutual help and courage, fundamental lessons for the child today. For a breath … is a kind of “training trip” where the meeting with the elements earth, water and air is suspended between dream and reality. A ladybug, a swan, a butterfly and a shower head are the protagonists of a ritual that Benjamin, the only human presence that opens and closes the story, implements every year. Through them we hear the message of Mother Nature, keeper of secrets and important values. It tells us, it is for us to listen.

Illustrations by Alessandro Coppola


In collaboration with AI2 by Vito Santacesaria, a company specializing in engineering and computer applications, Di Marsico released the For a Breath app in December 2016.

As previously mentioned, For a Breath is a delicate but intense story that conveys the importance of values such as friendship and respect.  Although the book can now be enjoyed via a multimedia platform that inlcudes animations, sound affects, and videos, For A Breath still maintains the genuine storytelling effect. The app also features itneractive games and puzzles related to the story.

The For a Breath app proves to be an innovative medium to share the true passion of storytelling.

The app is available in Italian and English – also useful to improve the language – for iOS and Android to € 1.99 in Google Play and Apple store.


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