Book Detail

Publisher: Atlantyca

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-566-1838-9


Eugenio is the most unpleasant kid at school.
Marco is extremely boring.
Elisabetta is a tomboy.
Gianluca is an unbearable boaster.
In everyday life, these four definitely can’t stand each other. And when they meet each other, whether it’s at school or on the football field, they do everything they can to avoid each other.
But there is a place where they help and give advice to each other. A place where, protected by anonymity, they feel perfectly in tune. The city’s football team forum on the internet! If only they knew who was hiding behind those nicknames…
A fun and engaging story based on the very contemporary theme of social networks and friendships online. Through the protagonists, readers discover that from a great passion for sports a true friendship can emerge, so strong that it can overcome prejudice

Format: cm 13 x 20
Hardcover w/jacket
Pages: 224
Age: 9+