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Publisher: Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore

Format: hardcover

From the art of the Medicis to the table of today

This book introduces 50 recipes linked to 50 still life color reproductions of the Medici collections that are kept in the Uffizi Gallery deposits, in the Palatine Gallery and at the Medici’s Villa of Poggio Imperiale. So we can find “Prunes” by Bartolomeo Bimbi, next to “Chicken breast stuffed with prunes” and “Sweet cake with prunes” together with “Fruit and flowers” by Bartolomeo Ligozzi we can find the description of   “Guignoline pears” and “Dates filled with pear sorbet” and “Unripe fig jam”…. An elegant presentation that combines figurative arts to what may be considered a ‘minor’ art, but just as meaningful: that of cooking and the table, set in a   historical context, the Renaissance, that has made conviviality, taste and the “feast”, particular elements on which the concept of a refined civilization are based.

Carla Geri Camporesti, from Tuscany, is a passionate researcher of gastronomic traditions and has written numerous cookbooks for Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore, including Traditional recipes from Florence, Cooking with olive oil, Dreaming of Tuscan table, The use of garlic in Tuscan Table

Barbara Golini has written For love of chocolate for Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore.

144 pages, format 23×21, 46 color illustrations, 1999

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