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Publisher: Logos Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788857606675

Gallows Songs. Galgenlieder + DVD

“The clueless crowd will never know

how we ridicule life from hereafter.

Fate’s an illegible sphinx but we show

how its riddles unravel in laughter.

You may think it’s a childish vendetta,

an escape from your gloomy routines,

but you’d understand life so much better

if you knew what we are really means!”

From inside the noose, you observe the world in a different light… The one of the Gallows Brothers. Murderers, thieves, swindlers, but also innocents, dreamers and pure spirits. Over time, with so much hanging about in each other’s company, many of those hanged there made friends and fraternised. They became so familiar that they made up their minds to unite in a confraternity.

 Gallows Songs takes the cue from some apparently grotesque and infantile works by the German writer Christian Morgenstern (Munich, 1871 – Merano, 1914), whose barely sketched characters come alive thanks to Stefano Bessoni’s imagination. The book includes a DVD featuring the stop motion short film of the same name.


Hardcover with dvd

210×260, 68 pages

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