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Publisher: Marsilio Editori

Format: hardcover

Gioco pericoloso

An entirely Italian thriller for Lolita Lobosco, the lady Police Commissioner from Bari that investigates with irony and sensuality on red-hot topical cases.

During the crucial football match for the admission of Bari soccer team to the major league, one of the players dies at the San Nicola stadium. A natural death apparently, with far too many misteries though. A few months later in fact, while investigating on what seemed to everybody an incident, Commissioner Lolita runs accross an international intrigue destined to demolish the foundations of Italian soccer. A dirty mix of sport and crime that risks to upset even Lolì’s life.

GG was born in 1955 and lives next to the seaside, a few miles away from Bari. A lover of art, cuisine and literature, she has written several books: Come quando fuori piove, Fino a quando le stelle, Il pesce rosso non abita più qui. She published some stories in anthologies. With Sonzogno she published: La circonferenza delle arance (2010), Giallo ciliegia (2011) and Uva noir (2012), the inquests of Commissioner Lolì that inspired the Italian public tv series.

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