Book Detail

Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: hardcover

Girotondo – L’italiano nel mondo

Girotondo-L’italiano nel mondo is an Italian language course-book for children between 5 and 11 years of age, taking pupils through to an A2 level following the Common European Framework of Reference guidelines.
Girotondo leads children to discover the Italian language and Italian culture creatively and enjoyably, allowing them to play, sing, act and have fun working with their peers.
The course is divided into:
Girotondo 5-6 anni (a first approach to Italian spoken language) or Girotondo Primo Approccio (for those students who can already write)
Girotondo 1
Girotondo 2
Girotondo 3
All levels consist of:
– Student’s book: with several additional parts included.
– Teacher’s book: a practical tool, indispensable in implementing the activities presented in the student’s book.
– Cassette and CD

Girotondo 5-6 anni
Student workbook ISBN: 978-88-7715-796-8  Pages 192
CD audio ISBN: 978-88-7715-762-1
Teachers’ guide ISBN: 978-88-7715-760-7 Pages 96

Girotondo Primo approccio
Student workbook ISBN: 978-88-7715-611-2 Pages 240
CD audio ISBN: 978-88-7715-627-3
Teachers’ guide ISBN: 978-88-7715-738-6 Pages 152

Girotondo 1
Student workbook ISBN: 978-88-7715-731-3 Pages 272
CD audio  ISBN: 978-88-7715-733-X
Teachers’ guide ISBN: 978-88-7715-738-0 Pages 96

Girotondo 2
Student workbook ISBN: 978-88-7715-863-5 Pages 200
CD audio ISBN: 978-88-7715-880-2
Teachers’ guide ISBN: 978-88-7715-866-6 Pages 152

Girotondo 3
Student workbook ISBN: 978-88-7715-934-2 Pages 216
CD audio  ISBN: 978-88-7715-950-2
Teachers’ guide ISBN: 978-88-7715-951-9 Pages 160