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Giù la maschera! Personaggi a nudo

Con dissertazioni di José Cura

There are many key words to enter in the lyrical world: the music, the set up, the vocal quality of the players, the dramatic script of the libretto……

This book by Serenella Gragnani, born from an encounter with José Cura, proposes another version. An approach that begins with the interpretative principle that the Argentinean singer has chosen to embrace with some of the most famous male lyrical singers, and enters their deep psychological mechanisms: their emotions, their “reasons of existence”. José Cura demonstrates to be an artist with temperament, having an extreme psychological sensibility and an unavailability to embrace abused solutions that risk becoming empty clichés.

From this, Serenella Gragnani moves to guide us through a convincing excursus that makes us reconsider the actions and behaviors of the interpreters of many operas. A reading that helps to render “living flesh” to the characters on the stage, to investigate and bring to the surface the passions, the shadows, and the ghosts that lie within.

Serenella Gragnani – Psychology and educational psychology are the main trends in which she extends her studies: the first relates to the development of creativity as fulfillment on a personal basis and also for the group: the second is connected to the exploration of theatrical representation as the element of contact between psychical dynamics.

José Cura – acclaimed in all the world for his intense and original interpretation of the lyrical characters, a magnetic talent for dramatic presence, with his intelligent and discerning interpretations – at times controversial but always unforgettable, José Cura has aroused the enthusiasm of the crowds and the critics since he first appeared on the international theatrical scene.

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