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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-89322-03-9 / 45151

GIÙ LA MASCHERA – prima esperienza sentimentale e sessuale di noti scrittori del Novecento

MASK OFF - famous twentieth century writers’ first romantic and sexual experience

Bevilacqua, Bellezza, Cambria, Grillandi, Malerba, Moravia, Nievo, Paris, Salvalaggio, Spaziani, Veneziani, Zeichen. Twelve protagonists of contemporary literature in a swing of remembrances and reflections from the folds of a distant but beating past reveal their secret intimacy of first romantic and sexual experience. And through distinct images they reconstruct an anxious picture of a by now far and in some way still ingenuous Italy. Twelve writers describe absolutely original scenes of real and literary life by taking their mask off. A kiss, a nylon stocking, a naked bosom… become particular marks to analyze in depth a past era not yet historicized.

series: frammenti
pages: 96

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