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Format: hardcover

Gli Invisibili – L’Enigma di Gaia

(The Invisibles - The Mystery of Gaia)

An unprecedented experiment takes place at the New Era Studies Centre, where a team of telepaths join forces to increase the scope of their mental prowess. The trial is successful and the telepaths unexpectedly intercept an SOS from far, far away. Who sent it, and where from exactly? And why does a secret commando try to kidnap Pumpkin, the youngest member on the telepathic team? The Invisibles will have to protect her. Between chaotic climate changes, balloon flights and trips to the Amazonas, our young heroes will eventually discover that the message came from Earth itself – a planet on the verge of an environmental catastrophe. Will the Invisibles manage to outrun time and save the Earth with the help of a mysterious cybernaut called Captain Nemo?