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Publisher: Round Robin Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788895731261

Gotica (’ndrangheta, mafia e camorra oltrepassano la linea)

Book Series: Fuori rotta (off course)
Genre: non fiction/essays

Vote buying, electoral corruption, corporate acquisitions by means of usury, protection money disguised as enterprise services, drug trafficking, arsons and threats. Epiphenomena of a deadly virus that from the southern edges of Italy, climbed up the Peninsula with men, resources and means. A militia, who corrupts, pays, demands and shoots, if necessary. Welcome to Gotica, beyond the Line of Resistance –this is travel across northern Italy towards its darkest and most controversial heart, the one controlled by the ‘Ndrangheta, the Mafia and the Camorra. In the are that is considered the country’s engine, the Mafia clans have set up their own spaces of negotiation. Beyond the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, they have found corrupted entrepreneurs and politicians who feed on the Mafia clans’ power, which will finally swallow them up. The system makes no discount; no boss can act outside the “families”. This is a first person account by a news reporter of Calabrian origins who has been living in Modena (in the region of Emilia Romagna) for a long time: since the killing, in the summer of 1989, in Bovalino, the heart of Locride (Calabria region), of an honest and upright young bank clerk who was shot with a sawn-off shotgun on his way back home. A murder, like many others, that remains unsolved. That man was the reporter’s father. That’s where this story begins.

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