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Publisher: Forma Edizioni

Format: paperback


Hamburg is the first “destination” presented by ON THE ROAD, the series of architecture guides available in a classical paper format or as Ipad App.

An introduction featuring three critical treatises outlines the historic and urbanistic profile of the city, allowing the reader to reflect on the evolution of the city and at the same time relate it to the contemporary image of the places.

The selection of 75 projects, organized in 5 itineraries, provides a full-immersion in architecture, allowing the reader to dwell on the functional, typological and compositive aspects of the buildings, which are rendered even more legible by images and technical drawings that supplement the descriptions.

The volume also contains useful information and advice which will make it easier and quicker to get around the city, making it possible to capture the

essence of the place even in a short visit.

This is more than simply an architecture guide: it is also and above all an invitation to travel.

In addition to featuring all the contents of the paper format, the App vaunts additional images and information; thanks to the interactive satellite map it is also a valuable aid to finding one’s way.

Jörn Walter is Chief Urban Planner of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Professor at the University of Fine Arts of the same city. After his studies of city and regionl planning at the University of Dortmund, from 1982 to 1984 he works at the Urban Planning Commission of Düsseldorf and is Head of the department of City Planning of Maintal, from 1985 to 1991 and of Dresden, from 1991 and 1999.

Matteo Moscatelli holds a PhD in Architecture, Urban Design, Conservation of Housing and Landscape and Temporary Research Associate. He is professor of “Composition and urban design” at Politecnico di Milano and of “History of contemporary architecture and interior design” at Istituto Europeo del Design.

He collaborates with the Spring Semester of University of Southern California. He writes for the magazine “Area”, for which he edited the contemporary architecture itineraries of Zurich, Seville and Munich.

Sara Benzi , PhD in History of Architecture, has done research on the Palace of Fontainebleau in collaboration with the EPHE of Paris. Her fields of study range from the architectural heritage in the Italian and French area to the in-depth analysis of issues related to contemporary architecture in collaboration with the research workshop on material design of the University of Ferrara and with the architectural firm Archea.

Format: 11.5×16 cm

Languages: Italian or English

Pages: 192

Year of publication: 2014


Printing: colour

Binding: paper binding with folded dust jacket