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Publisher: Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore

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History of Lucca

This volume offers a concise report of Lucca’s history and of its population from its origins until World War II. It’s a history of Lucca written by an Englishman that uses a different standard than those of traditional stories, introducing essential moments, without leaving out small curiosities. The front text in Italian make it useful for an Italian, who may use it for study or simply for curiosity and to learn more about the city with a pleasant approach, but always correctly informed.

has been the Major of Abington for a numerous years; this city has been twinned with Lucca since 1972. As an Officer of the British artillery he took part in the liberation of Lucca during the Second World War. Now a retired teacher, he has participated in many conferences in England on the town of Lucca and about its history.

144 pages, format 17×24, 2010

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