Book Detail

Publisher: ZOOlibri di Rabitti Corrado

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788888254760

Il ballerino del silenzio

The Silence Dancer

Age: 5 years up
Collection: Collection: illustrated books
Hardcover – 32 colour pages – Book size: 22 x 27 cm.

There’s never a night like another.
And in every respectable night many things can happen.
There are clouds, there’s the moon,
there are lonely streets and streetlamps.
Then there’s the silence.
There are many kinds of silence:
the one with far noises and the one stringed with little sounds;
then there’s the silence that remains, that lasts, that is not disturbed.
So, at night, in the silence, there’s someone that doesn’t sleep because he has to dance.

Difference. Freedom. Identity. Poetry and amusement.

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