Book Detail

Publisher: 66THAND2ND

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788898970155

The lost day

Juventus is playing Liverpool, it’s the final of the Champions League, the game takes place in Belgium, in the small stadium of Heysel. Christy lives in Liverpool, he is a lonely type, Monk is his nickname. His life is marked by abandon and decline: the escape from his mother, the illness of his father, the hopeless wish to find a job. Mich is from Rueglio, in Valchiusella. He studies engineering in Turin, but wants to do something different. They set off for Brussels, Christy on his own, while Mich goes with a bunch of friends: Charlie, Angelo, Miranda. At each stop the hope of victory becomes more intense, the hope for a better future. And then an exchange of looks, the moment that binds Christy and Mich for ever, making them accomplices from the imaginary stands of a big square that looks like a stadium. A novel that it dense and delicate, which alternates the voices of the two authors, who tell their Heysel, the story of a lost day, suspended in time and in memory, that is life after all, despite all.

World rights: available