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Il Mobile di Corte

After the excellent examples of furniture made in Lucca in the first 20 years of the 19th century for the court of the Bacioccchi and also that of Maria Luisa di Borbone, the actual volume has the intent of being the first contribution for an extensive cataloguing of furniture created in the course of three centuries within the Republic of Lucca, with the precise intent to compete with those designed for other sovereigns of other Italian states.

Analyzed in all their possible stylistic components, the furniture made in Lucca appears, after the studies Enrico Colle, to be a successful union between the genial inventiveness of architects and ornamentalists in continuous movement between Rome and Bologna and the great executive abilities of the artisans in their traditional artistic heritage. The volume is divided in two sections, one that concerns the evolution of styles and the artistic promotion given by the main families of Lucca, and another completely dedicated to the chronological illustration of the furniture made by different artisans from the end of the 16th century up to the 19th century.

Enrico Colle is presently a contract teacher of History of Decorative Arts at the School of Decorative Arts at the Bologna University. He is director of a series on decorative arts for Electa Editors, and he created the Italian magazine on decorative arts DecArt.

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