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Publisher: ZOOlibri di Rabitti Corrado

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788888254609

Il sapore del pane

The Taste of Bread

Illustrated edition of the Diary winner of the prize Pieve-Banca Toscana 2003.

Age: 10 years up – Collection: “Novel in Pictures, Graphic Novels – ISBN
Hardcover – 148 color pages – Size: 17 x 24 cm.

Daniele is four years old. In an autumnal morning his mother takes him to the station and entrusts him to a boy with a red neckerchief. War is over and partisans have organized some “mutual aid” networks for orphans and needy children. Daniele is given to a peasant family of Reggio Emilia. His mother promises him she’ll be soon back but seven years will pass before his coming back home.
“The taste of bread” recalls the daydreams of the distant mother, the conflicting love for the adoptive family, the rough sweetness of country life.

Life styles. Memories. Family. The art of narrating. History.

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