Book Detail

Publisher: Find Out Team Srl

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788821598760

Il Sole Fra Le Dita

Dario is sixteen. He is a very difficult person to deal with. And one day, at school, the dean assigns him as assistant to Andy, a disabled boy on a wheelchair unable to communicate with the outside world. The two of them could not be more different, but an extraordinary adventure “on the road” will reverse all schemes.

Rights sold: Italy

*Winner of the Andersen Prize 2017 (Fiction +15)


About the Author:

Born in 1967, he lives and works in Milan writing and illustrating books for children and teenagers. He believes that writing and particularly children’s fiction, is the most effective way today to talk to the younger generations of true and important things, to explore and talk about their world and their contemporaneity. For this reason he often gives voice to those who usually have none or who are unable to make themselves listen, writing stories about adoption (Look at the Stars by Fatatrac), discrimination (The History of Vera by San Paolo), diversity (Mumi without Memory by Il Gioco di Leggere), marginalization (Roby who Knows How to Fly by Coccolebooks), integration (The Story Tree by Piemme) and disability (The Sun Between Our Fingers by San Paolo). Sometimes he writes about easier things, stories that move a smile like My teacher is a vampire (by Mondadori) or funny short novels like No More Farting! (by Giunti), and poems and nursery rhymes like Sings the Yellow in the Morning by La Coccinella and Listen, Listen What a School! by Mondadori. His series titled “With Your Little Finger”is currently one of the best-selling serie by La Coccinella. For several years he has held meetings and workshops for children, teens and adults on reading, writing and poetry, visiting Italian schools all over the country to meet students and teachers. He is a member of the Italian Writers Association for Children Literature.