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Publisher: Alia Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-96321-10-2

Il velo dissoluto

The Lifted Veil

Latimer, the narrator, has “seen” the time of his death, within a month, in all its details. With these words he leads us back to the most important moments of his odd life. A happy childhood to the early death of his mother; a careless father, centered on his first-born son and heir; a severe childhood illness that changes forever his human and social relations, and so Latimer wakes up a day with the mysterious, unwanted gift to foretell the future and can read other people’s thoughts. Everybody is an open book for him, except the beautiful Bertha, his brother’s fiancée, and Latimer’ secret, great love. But a fatal shooting accident changes the course of destiny, and the girl becomes his wife.

It could be the beginning of a happy life. Instead, Latimer, exhausted by the uninterrupted forays into the minds of others and the future, distances himself more and more from an empty world, only crowded with selfish thoughts and opportunism. Also his beautiful wife, finally no more a mystery to his telepathic gift, proves a cold and manipulator creature. Only his childhood friend, Charles Meunier, keeps close to him. And just thank to him, in a night of death and mysterious experiments, Latimer will discover Bertha’s dramatic secret.
110 pages

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