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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 8033 733 1

Io, la danza, le amiche e papà

Six dancers and a dad

Bianca is almost 13 and has a dream: to become a ballerina and attend the prestigious ballet academy of the Big City. Her family is against it, but Bianca is very determined and convinces them to let her apply for an audition. Unexpectedly, she succeeds! But isn’t she too young to be left by herself? Mum can’t leave her job, so it’s Dad’s turn: father and daughter move to the Big City, where Art rents a small flat and finds a new job. Bianca’s dream has come true!
But nothing is as easy as it seems. Bianca has to face the troubles of ballet training, friendship and first love, while Art… well, his life is very busy: Bianca’s new friends choose his flat as their home, and he has to cook, shop, tidy up for them all… Not to mention his new teaching job!
The book is a fresh, moving and funny coming of age story that involves both father and daughter: Art will learn to let her “little girl” fly, and Bianca will finally be ready to spread her wings.

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