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Publisher: Loescher Editore

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788820105969

Italia Dal Vivo

Voci, luoghi e cultura dell'Italia di oggi

The A2/B1 level DVD proposes 6 thematic itineraries:
– people (interviews with a wine grower, a cook, a craftsman, a Lady Mayor);
– city places (the market, the square);
– holiday places (the countryside, the mountains, the seaside);
– traditions (coffee in a bar, an aperitif, Mass, marriage, holiday lunch)
– pass-times (sport, cinema and theatre, art and museums)
– holidays, festival and trade fairs (a religious holiday, a music festival).
It is possible insert or remove the subtitles.

The workbook contains comprehension, lexical and grammatical strengthening activities, and civilization worksheets to be done during and after the screening of the video. The work is completed by the audio scripts, and the answer keys.

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