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Publisher: Marsilio Editori

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788831798129

Italian Fashion Now

What’s hot in Italian Fashion now, and what soon will be hot soon.

New stars are born in Italian Fashion world—a varied group comprised of a young generation of designers who studied at fashion schools in Italy and abroad, who love contemporary art and architecture and are not afraid of facing new challenges.

They take up the fashion challenge knowing that a radical rethink is needed to go beyond the now tired image of products labelled ‘Made in Italy’, and to redefine an Italian identity in the overall panorama of contemporary fashion.

A group of fashion designers selected by Maria Luisa Frisa who adopt a precise critical approach that breaks down the old models to define those unmistakable characteristics, like the meaning of dressing as a complex and linked project, that still give form and continuity to the very special, elegant Italian identity.

About the Author
Maria Luisa Frisa is interested in the complexity of the contemporary imagination and in the continual crossing of the boundaries between art, fashion, design and communication, a phenomenon that she also explored through exhibitions like Uniform. Order and Disorder (2001), Excess. Fashion and the Underground in the 80s (2004) and Human Game. Winners and Losers (2006). She is director of the graduate course in fashion design at the IUAV in Venice and is the fashion curator of the Fondazione Pitti Discovery.

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