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La basilica di San Frediano a Lucca Immagine simbolica di Roma cristiana

San Frediano is a part of Rome transplanted in Lucca, a symbolic image of papal power and this was very widespread so that this church in the 13th and 14th centuries became the temple of Guelphism, where, amongst other things, the papal treasures were deposited before being transferred to Avignon. In the early Middle Ages it was a prestigious place and was often visited by those who passed by the Via Francigena, directed towards Rome.
During the first half of the 12th century, Pasquale II and his successors entrusted San Giovanni in Laterano, an important cathedral in Rome to the parsonage of the Lucca clergy, the importance and the richness of San Frediano grew conspicuously, beyond that of the San Martino cathedral. The building was closely related to the image of Rome. This closeness was maintained in the following centuries and this explains why there are so many references, styles and works of art from Roman times.
On these reference marks Romano Silva engages, in this new book, starting from historical and archaeological studies of the various restorations more than a chronological description that would not consider the diverse developments that the various parts of the building because of various changes and modifications.
The study is accurate and meticulous, never predictable, and takes another course from the rest of the vast bibliography on this awesome monument proposing itself as an instrument not only for the specialists but also for the public at large which values the subject.

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