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Publisher: Alia Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-96321-12-6

La peste scarlatta

The Scarlet Plague

2013. In a hyper-technological and ordered world, a new disease spreads – the contagion is very rapid, the death is inevitable. In few days the mankind is destroyed. Among the very few survivors there is a young professor, James Howard Smith, who wanders aimlessly for many years through the desolation of a fearful world, where the civilization is erased soon by the blind forces of nature.
But the need of “other people” is insuppressible –  the men seek for each other tenaciously, meet again, form small communities, trying to reconstruct gradually, with difficulty, a passable and  workable social life. But it is a world of barbarism and darkness, and Smith cannot accept this – the old man attempts to hand down his memories, civility, love of knowledge to his wild grandchildren. Can you guide the development of the mankind, trying to prevent the repetition of past errors?

138 pages

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