Book Detail

Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-7715-639-2

La Vita è Bella

Series: Quaderni di cinema italiano per stranieri

For a student, watching a movie in a foreign language is very motivating, but sometimes difficult. This series tries to confront this problem with small books dedicated to some of the most famous Italian movies. Some scenes are selected in order to give the student the possibility to enter in the story, to know the characters, to become accustomed themselves to the variety of Italian language, and finally to make them ready to the complete vision of the movie.
– in the first part of the volume, students can find information about the author, the director, the places, interviews, biographies, links on Internet;
– the second part consists of many didactic activities: morphologic and syntactic analysis, exercises of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions etc.
In this way, the experience of some scenes becomes a key of access to the Italian culture of the last fifty years.

Titles available:
Nuovo cinema paradiso by P. Begotti, G. Serragiotto, ISBN 978-88-7715-543-6
Pane e tulipani by M.V. Marasco, N. Santeusanio, ISBN 978-88-7715-646-4
La vita è bella by P. Begotti, G. Serragiotto, ISBN 978-88-7715-639-6
Il Gattopardo by M. Angelino, ISBN 978-88-7715-726-3
Mediterraneo by P. Begotti, G. Serragiotto, P. Torresan, ISBN 978-88-7715-744-7
Le notti di Cabiria by P. Torresan, ISBN 978-88-7715-789-8
La strada by P. Torresan, F. Pauletto, ISBN 978-88-7715-790-4
Pinocchio by A. Cepollaro, ISBN 978-88-7715-788-1
Io non ho paura by M. Daloiso, ISBN 978-88-7715-955-7
I cento passi by R. Errico Reiter, ISBN 978-88-7715-971-7
Manuale d’amore by S. Bruni, S. Bartoli, ISBN 978-88-557-0061-0
L’ultimo bacio by N. Abad Riva, F. Augé Soriano, M. Cañada Pujols, T. Morabito, J. Serarols Boada, ISBN 978-88-557-0083-2
Amarcord by Franco Pauletto, Marcella Delitala, ISBN 978-88-557-0097-9
Una giornata particolare by Susanna Bruni, Maria Carmela d’Angelo ISBN 978-88-557-0164-8
Notte prima degli esami by Simona Bartoli, Elisabetta Tronconi ISBN 978-88-557-0165-5
Le fate ignoranti by Rosa Errico, Stella Lineri, ISBN 978-88-557-0172-3
La famiglia by Maria Teresa Bonfatti Sabbioni, ISBN 978-88-557-0261-4
Tre uomini e una gamba by Silvia Maneschi, ISBN 987-88-557-0319-2
La giusta distanza by Silvia Borghetti, ISBN 978-88-557-0332-1