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Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-89979-69-3

Le Avventure di Snaschi

Die Abenteuer des Herrn Snaski

(III Edizione Weger, in Austria e Germania)

Professor Snaski arrives in Italy. Already in its third edition after a few months in Germany, it seems to be a success in Austria. Maria Rosaria Costanza’s story “The Adventures of Snaschi” is offered by the publisher Di Marsico Libri. The story tells of an unusual crew on board a ship. Among the characters the mole named Cheti stands out, who despite being born for hibernating underground, is traveling in the sky; the stars are reflected in his thick glasses. In the story the author highlights the value of tenacity and the value of perseverance. The reader learns to never disown their dreams; to look beyond the surface, the sky and its elements in order to feel like a part of the infinite … that belongs to us and is just comfortable. The book is nicely illustrated by Veronica Cestari and contains educational pages.
Maria Rosaria Costanza, clinical educator, is the author of several books including Twenty Years (1976), a book of poems translated into several languages and included in the series of veristi ‘900 by Domenico Rea (National Literary Award Francesco De Sanctis, Salvatore Di Giacomo National Literary Award); The fairytale of Peter Pan and the Peter Pan syndrome (1997); The rights of women, human rights, women’s voices (2009), An Essay society Editori Riuniti. Children’s literature: Award of Culture 2003 for narrative by Italian publishing with a cat in Manhattan and other stories; The small butterfly Soleter (2010, Guide); The Adventures of Snaschi (2013, Di Marsico Books) previously, Die Abenteuer des Herrn Snaski (2012, Verlag A. Weger). At present her stories provide ideas for workshops in many Italian and foreign schools; theater workshops based on her stories are followed by a growing audience.
Veronica Cestari, Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, has created watercolor drawings that give the tale of Snaschi additional charm.

2013, 32 pages, format 23.5 x 25.5 cm


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