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Publisher: Giunti Editore

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-7307-523-3

Leonardo and the Pen That Drew the Future

The figure of Leonardo da Vinci united the disciplines of both the arts and the sciences. On one hand he was a painter and a skilled draftsman, and on the other an inventor and tireless researcher. A legend in his own time, Leonardo was accused of witchcraft by those who were jealous of his skills and who saw him as some sort of wizard. He was a prolific inventor and many of his futuristic designs are still with us today, such as the contact lens and the armored vehicle.

About the author:

Luca Novelli is the creator and presenter of the television show ‘Lampi di Genio’ in Italy, shown on the Rai Edu (educational) channel. He is also a writer, illustrator, and journalist, and has been publishing books since 1968. He began writing children’s books for Editoriale Scienza in 2000 and the output from their successful collaboration has been sold and published around the world. In 2007 he won an Andersen award for a book he wrote about Darwin. Today he lives and works in Milan, Italy and has a cat named … Leonardo.

Flashes of Genius series
Pages: 128
Size: 13 x 19.8 cm
Binding: softcover
Details: illustrated in black & white
Imprint: Editorial Scienza
Publication date: December 2012