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Publisher: Logos Edizioni

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788857604473

Like a Little Holocaust

Like a little holocaust is the first volume of Mithra, the new contemporary narrative series launched by Logos ILLUSTRATI. A series dedicated to the beauty of reality, of raw vision. Without veils. Writing on the borderline between narrative and poetry. Stories in verse, narrative poems. New parameters are needed to define Akab’s work: shunning descriptiveness, it registers snapshots of often anonymous individual everyday lives.
Akab (Milano, 26/07/1976) is one of the founders of Shok Studio. He has collaborated with many of the principal US publishers, such as Marvel, Dark Horse, DC Comics. In Italy he has participated in various projects including Nixon, Lamette, LaScimmia, Monipodio, Rolling Stone, The Artist, Puck, Mucchio Selvaggio, ilMale, Lolabrigida, Collettivo Mensa, WormGod, InPensiero and El Aleph. His experimentation has brought him closer to video and cinema, and after a whole series of shorts, and classic or flash animations, in 2003 he wrote and directed “Mattatoio” (Slaughterhouse), a full-length film selected for the 60th Venice International Film Festival. This was followed by “Il Corpo di Cristo” (The Body of Christ), selected for the Bellaria Film Festival. His invisible trilogy was subsequently completed by “Vita e opere di un Santo”  (The life and works of a Saint), selected for the Stigma Film Festival in Palermo. He has exhibited many of his monsters generated by reason in numerous different exhibitions. Since 2010 he has been a member of the Dummy collective. His blood group is 0 Rh-maybe.

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