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Publisher: Giunti Editore

Format: paperback

L’imperfetta meraviglia

De Carlo, one of Italy’s most talented, passionate and best-loved authors celebrates 35 years of continuous literary success by showing us that he hasn’t lost a beat: with L’imperfetta meraviglia he is at his creative best.

A novel that alternates the rhythms of rock with the deft touch of comedy, and with the profoundness of time as it changes and alters everything.

Provence: it is fall, a season that combines the first chill of winter with a final stretch of warmth that is a last taste of summer. The towns and villas are increasingly empty, the travelers and tourists are returning home.
One final event will mark the end of the season: at the local airfield a famous British rock band, the Bebonkers, will hold a concert that is both for charity and to celebrate charismatic lead singer Nick Cruickshank’s third marriage. Preparations are in high gear, everything coming smoothly together under the tight supervision of Aileen, Nick’s bride-to-be. In the small town there is a gelateria run by Milena Migliari, a young Italian woman who creates, develops and produces one-of-a-kind ice cream with artistic precision.
A whirling intellectual dance that spins upon the precarious and delicate balance of gelato, and of its inherent imperfect splendor: destined to be consumed immediately or to liquefy, but never to last. Milena, who has bid adieu to men, now lives with Viviane. Milena’s relationship with Viviane is solid and unwavering, in stark contrast to the evanescence of her ice cream. In fact, in just a few days Milena will undergo fertility treatments, although she is not entirely convinced of this decision that perhaps was not hers to begin with. She hesitates to confess her thoughts, however, as does Nick who is asking himself exactly when it was that his relationship with Aileen lost its original spark.
And so, a British rocker and an Italian artisan find their fates on a collision course and in the space of three days, from Wednesday to Friday, the chaos intensifies resulting in an inevitable and exhilarating final encore.