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Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-557-0006-1

L’italiano è servito

L'italiano per stranieri attraverso la cucina

Everywhere in the world cooking is one of the cultural elements associated with the idea of Italy; not so much pasta, wine etc. as the “culture of food” which characterizes our tradition. Cooking is one of the strongest elements of “made in Italy” in terms of exports of goods and the presence of Italians in the world, but it also provides a good opportunity for grasping one of the essential features of culture, the bond between each territory and its expressions of culture and Italian identity. The book links these aspects: each of the various themes (bread, wine, first courses etc) is provided with cultural notes, information on the particular culinary vocabulary and recipes, all with special attention to linguistic expressions, use of verbs and so on.

Pages 128