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Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-89979-87-7


The Italian Visitor

Oscar, a retired bachelor, moves to Chile, tired of being a victim of society in Italy. His escape from reality, however, will be soon an unsuccessful attempt. Right there, on the other side of the world, he finds the young woman with whom he had fallen madly in love years before and had decided to stay away. The waiver to have the affections stable for the sake of freedom will prove to be a big mistake, that Oscar will pay dearly…

The author, Girolamo Minardi, was born in Bari. After graduating in law school, he dedicated his entire life to work as a trade unionist in the struggle for workers’ rights. Already secretary of CISL Federation of Bari and Apulia, then in 2005 he became national secretary.
Di Marsico has already published the following books by him: There’s no more Aldactazide (2010), With light winds in the evening (2011), Penelope is still here (2012) and Territorial waters (2013).

His books discuss the hot topics of our society:  loneliness, nostalgia for the old days, the difficult life of old people, social injustice.

Series: Sfera di cristallo
2014, 136 pages
14 x 21 cm


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