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Luigi Boccherini

Life and Works

What used to be missing in Italy in relation to Boccherini was an up to date biography that rendered the human and artistic story of this great figure of the 18th century.  On the 200th anniversary of his death, Remigio Colli, now acknowledged as the main expert in Italy of this musician from Lucca, reconstructs the extremely interesting history of a master of music of the 18th century in Europe. This volume places this artist in his time associating the musical compositions to the everyday events that saw him in an eminent position in Lucca, as well as in Vienna or Madrid.

Remigio Coli has dedicated more than twenty years to research and studies on the composer from Lucca, Luigi Boccherini. In 1988, Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore published his first bibliography on the composer (preface by Emilio Maggini). In 1991 he conducted a number of radio broadcasts entitled “Boccherini. Life, works and hearings” on the Tuscan “Radio Montebeni”. In 1992 he was counsellor of the celebration on the transmission set up by the first channel of German television on the 200th anniversary of Boccherini’s death. Always in 1992 the second revised and extended edition of the biography, was published by G Zanibon (Casa Ricordi), Milan, (preface by Guido Salvetti). In the years 1993-94 he conducted fifteen transmissions entitled “Luigi Boccherini. The reason for sentiment”, on Rai 3 for the Department of School and Education. In 1999 he wrote “Nobili e Ignobili nel Settecento Lucchese”, Matteoni, Lucca. An ample picture of the social, historical, political and cultural world, with many references to the music of Lucca and to Luigi Boccherini. This last work is the conclusion of further research in the Italian and European inventories, and the recent literature on the composer, the study of the musical scores and the listening of his music.

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