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Publisher: Giunti Editore

Format: paperback

Luigi Veronelli

Renowned both in Italy and abroad, Luigi Veronelli (1926-2004) was one of Italy’s first food writers. He is remembered for his battles for the preservation of farm life (for instance he protected extra-virgin olive oil and the DOC quality label). The book celebrates his spirit through a selection of articles written during his 50 year career. It’s a puzzle-book with pieces listed in alphabetical order (the only rule Veronelli never broke: “The alphabet exists, it is so easy, so clear, so common”) that can be put together through his special relation with wine, literature, writing, the female figure, arts and philosophy. Anecdotes and quotations (notes, drawings, words, many of which have never been published before) combine with considerations and quotes from books, tv shows, poems and anagrams. The image of Veronelli portrayed in this book is authentic, and he comes out as the self-centered, stubborn, logical, impulsive, extremely generous man that he was.

Gian Arturo Rota was a friend and colleague of Veronelli for almost twenty years. He directed Veronelli Editore for eleven years, and today he is the keeper of the Veronelli Archive and manager of the website “Casa Veronelli”. He is also a contributor to several food and wine magazines.

Nichi Stefi is a television writer; he directed many food and wine tv shows that made him develop a personal and professional bond with Veronelli. He wrote I vignaioli storici (Traditional Winedresser), Il Porto (The Haven), Progetto di un vino (Project Of A Wine), Giacomo Bologna. He edited the series I Semi (The Seeds) and was editor in chief of the magazine “Ex Vinis”. He has a degree in Aesthetics and he is interested in design, theater, music and literature.