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Publisher: Il Mondo di SUK

Format: paperback

Macedonia and Valentina

Macedonia e Valentina

Women have always been part of history. Often, they have made history. Heroines, politicians, saints and

warriors, feisty companions of belligerent men. From them great poets and scholars have taken inspiration,

however everything is taken for granted when one thinks of women in their everyday lives: housewives,

mothers, wives and workers, many roles for a great task that can only be accomplished by them. The text is

subtitled “O curagge de femmene” (the courage of women). The female characters of this book are strong

figures: jailers and prisoners, fighters in the name of love. The two protagonists (a prisoner and a nun) will

clash with a sanctimonious, classist and conformist society, and with the violent reality of a jail. The novel is

inspired by a true story. Names, places and cities however are a creation of the author.

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