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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-89322369


Fidel Castro’s immortal star shines and refracts private feelings, suggestions related to individual and fleeting spirit of gone ages, memories and ideals. El Comandante relieves Cuba of American oppression, establishes a socialist political system and battles against imperialism concentrating the institutional power in his hands. In IO, FIDEL Noa Bonetti weasels out of dissecting recorded facts already stored up by politics and history. She doesn’t dispute on indulgent or strict opinions, which haven’t any  other purpose than themselves. To narrate Castro’s exciting and ideological human story the author chooses a subtle dramatization, imagining a dialogical passionate confrontation between two women. They are two friends kept apart for years who lived contrasting experiences that converged by chance to the recalling of the Cuban Revolution. As a matter of fact, they trace out together the spiritual and moral profile of Líder Máximo to comply with sparkling lights and deep shadows of the myth. During the debate life and memories get entangled ideally as distant lovers who exchange emotions and steal thoughts from each other.

title: IO, FIDEL
author:  Noa Bonetti
preface:  Luigi Blandini
postface: Antonio Lo Iacono
collana: frammenti curated by Giuseppe Franza
genre:  history
editor: IRIS4 EDIZIONI – Roma
pages: 128

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