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Lights and Shadows in Perugia

The book which wholly retraces one of the darkest murders of the last times: the “Meredith” case.

Meredith Kercher’s death, killed by a flick-knife in her throat in the middle of the night between All Saint’s day and Halloween 2007, in Perugia. This event disconcerted people all around the world. This murder, which is still shrouded in mystery and looks like an enigma, aroused a great deal of media interest all around the world, involving people of four different nationalities. This book analyzes the event point by point, supported by an enclosed DVD, containing an accurate and technologically advanced reconstruction in 3D of the crime scene. With this book, the Authors succeed in highlighting many unsolved aspects of Meredith’s murder, introducing some essential documents and dwelling upon the personalities involved in this case.

Vincenzo Maria Mastronardi, Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, holds the chair of Forensic Psychopathology of the Rome University “La Sapienza” and the chair of Criminology of the Roma Tre University. He is also Director of the International Master in Criminological Sciences of the Rome University “La Sapienza”.

Giuseppe Castellini lives in Perugia, where is in charge of the “Il Giornale dell’Umbria”. Journalist, he also was Professor of legal and economic doctrines, public administrator for eight years and he worked in the national press department of the UIL.

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