Book Detail

Publisher: LOG607

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788895836126

Milan – The Diamond

<p>Searching for a stolen diamond in some of the most haunting corners of Milan: from the Dark Lady on the spires of the Duomo, to the Devil’s Horns at Saint Ambrose’s, from the nocturnal spectres of the Sforza Castle to the murders of Stretta Bagnera.</p>
<p>When Ludovico il Moro descends into battle against the French with a war chest funded by pawning the family jewels, the fabulous Lupo diamond is just one of the precious objects that end up in the hands of moneylender Giovanni Beolco. Today, after many ups and downs, the diamond has been stolen by a cunning thief. The Milanese police is on his tail and needs your help.</p>


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