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Publisher: Armando Editore

Format: hardcover

Motor fairy stories. Movement, imagination and creativity.

This book was created thanks to the human and didactic experiences lived by two experts in physical education and a psychotherapist and it was thought up for all the adults who choose childrens like teachers: parents, school masters, etc.
All those people will find in this book concrete didactic and pedagogical ideas, for transform the physical education into a relation experience.
The attached DVD proves how that theory, tested inside a gym, becomes true.

Antonio Mazzoni (Rome, 1966), teaches physical education, attends many conventions and seminaries.

Patrizio De Rossi (Rome, 1965) lives in Briston (UK) since 2005. Physical education teacher, he is scholarship holder at the University of Gloucestershire, he works inside the Master of “physical literacy”.

Maria Pia Albanese (Taurianova, 1972) lives and works in Rome since 1990. She’s a nursery school teacher and psychotherapist.

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