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Publisher: Sime Books

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-99180-11-9

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Much more than a book, a little less than a traditional touristic guide: a “hybrid” product with innovative characters, not yet appeared on the market. The Sime Visual books are pocket-size diaries (12 x 18 cm) with 160 pages, alternating blank pages, in which to write all notes and thoughts, to 60 unique and original images in color or black and white, each accompanied by a intriguing and little known facts. The visual book are completed by sketches of the places not to be missed, a complete map of the area and a map of the transports. The hardcover with rubber band declined in 6 sensational, high-impact color, and an internal pocket to store tickets, souvenirs and memorabilia make it the perfect travel companion for all trendy travelers.

English – 12 x 18 cm – 160 pages- g/mq 100 – Ivory

6 colors


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