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Publisher: Logos Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788857601465

Nel Cimitero

In the Graveyard

“In the evening before dinner, or in the morning,
when the sky still have to choose its colour
the shadows of the cypresses unfold
and like carpets invite me in.”

With these words Matteo Gubellini takes us to a new dimension which erases the boundaries between life and death: a walk though the graveyard, where experiences in the shape of stories told by the tombs merge together showing us a new horizon.

Italian illustrator Matteo Gubellini was born in Bergamo, where he attended the school of comics. His works obtained many awards, among which the First Prize for illustration “Illustrissimi”. He illustrated books and magazines. His works have been displayed in many solo and group exhibitions. In 2010 he was among the artists
selected to participate in the international Sàrmede exhibition “Le immagini della fantasia”. He is also a writer and a poet, a musician and a songwriter.

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