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Publisher: 66THAND2ND

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788896538340

Not a bad thing in the world

Texas, 2003. A man in a car drives along a never ending road. Something, all of a sudden, drops from the sky: fragments of an exploded Shuttle and an arm, what remains of the commander Flockart. Rewind, we go back to Greto, small town in the Italian province, where the tranquil life of the protagonist is turned upside down with the arrival of the Bosnian girl Senida: with her everything changes. The young boy moves to Bologna, together with the woman and her child, but then the two disappear. It’s time to move again, towards the boundless lands of America, following the traces of the beloved woman and of Alfonso Duro, an enigmatic and fascinating old friend of the family.

World rights: available