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ISBN: 978-88-89979-92-1


Ottant'anni di calcio mondiale

Magic nights 1930-2010
80 years of international soccer

The story of the World Cup, from its beginnings in 1930 in Uruguay to 2010 in South Africa. The story of a supranational and unifying sport that, little by little, from the beginning of the last century, it was inserted in the modern society by changing the habits, traditions, the very life of the people.

Football has become part of our everyday life and it is a passion that manages to bring out a sense of belonging, attachment to ‘flag’ and its colors, symbols, memory and history of the country.

The book, accompanied by many photos, tells us about the changes, evolution, and the daily life of an entire nation through the language of football, just like the look of a caring and passionate observer can do.

Nicola Mascellaro has been worked for “Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno” from 1966 to 1996 as chief of the Photographic archive of the journal. He has already published: A window on history (chronicle of the years from 1887 to 1995 in seven volumes), Once Upon a Time Bari and When we used to go to cinema (Di Marsico Books, 2013).

2014, 216 pages
20.5 x 28 cm

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