Book Detail

Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-557-0255-3

Nuovo Italiano Nel Turismo

Nuovo Italiano nel Turismo is a course dedicated to learners working on tourism, but also to all who want to grasp linguistics and communicative abilities to live in Italy. All activities are based on usual situations, in order to get in touch with real contexts of interaction.

The Textbook contains:

−         9 Units

−         Phonology at the end of each Unit

−         Test for autoevaluation

−         Grammar Appendix

−         Key of exercises

−         Script of dialogue recordered on CD audio


Textbook + CD

Pages: 184 pages

Format: 17X24

Level: elem./interm. A1/B1


Also available: Nuovo Italiano nel Turismo Esercizi.