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Publisher: Edizioni Edilingua

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-960-6632-24-2

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1 (+ DVD video + audio CD)

Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 is the first of a three-level modern multimedia course of Italian for teenage and adult students. It is modern, inductive, communicative and easy to use thanks to its modern layout.

Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 is composed of:

– the Student’s Books divided in 11 units + 1 introductory one
– the Workbook (revised edition), also available in interactive form, with writing activities, crosswords, listening activities, video activities, games, unit tests, revision tests every 3 units and a grammar section
– DVD Video (90’) attached to the Student’s book with episodes of a sitcom, authentic interviews and a quiz show
– Audio CD, attached to the Workbook
– Online material available on Edilingua website: glossaries in various languages, Online activities, Extra activities and games, Progress tests and an Interactive CD-ROM.

The course is completed by a high quality and functional software for Interactive Whiteboard; the Teacher’s guide and the graded readers Dieci racconti.

The Workbook exercises, along with extra material and digital tools for both students and teachers, are available in interactive form on the i-d-e-e multi-platform.

For more detailed information and to browse one unit of each level, the index and the preface, please visit our website following the links:

Nuovo Progetto italiano 1
Author: T. Marin – S. Magnelli
ISBN Student’s book (+ DVD Video): 978-960-6632-24-2
ISBN Workbook-revised edition (+audio CD): 978-960-693-118-5
Level: Elementary (A1-A2)

Nuovo Progetto italiano 2
Author: T. Marin – S. Magnelli
ISBN Student’s book (+ DVD Video): 978-960-6632-76-1
ISBN Workbook – revised edition (+ 2 audio CD): 978-960-693-119-2?Level: Intermediate (B1-B2)

Nuovo Progetto italiano 3

Author: T. Marin
ISBN Student’s book (+ 2 audio CD): 978-960-693-004-1
ISBN Workbook: 978-960-693-010-2
Level: Intermediate-Advanced (B2-C1)

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