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Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: hardcover

Oh che bel gioco!

Recitare… cantare… giocare in lingua italiana

Castles, kings, popes, princes, princesses. Ogres, gnomes, witches, children and mums, as well as real and imaginary animals, toys, fears…. Learning a language through play can help with more general development as well as the acquisition of linguistic competence. The language of these short texts is characterized by simplicity, ease of memorization, rhythm and musicality. Each page includes analysis of phonetic and spelling problems and a focus on correct forms through a work-play context. The drawing and the use of color help the decodification of the text in a completely Italian style linked to the finest tradition of children’s illustration.

Workbook + CD audio
ISBN: 978-88-7715-476-7
144 pages

Oh che bel gioco! 2
Workbook + CD audio
ISBN 978-88-557-0139-6
128 pages