Book Detail

Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: paperback


1 Orizzontale, Elementary level – ISBN 978-88-7715-975-5; Pages 40
2 Orizzontale, Intermediate level – ISBN 978-88-7715-977-9; Pages 48
3 Orizzontale, Advanced level – ISBN 978-88-557-0000-9; Pages 40

Orizzontale is a collection of 45 linguistic games: crosswords, anagrams, puzzle to test your Italian vocabulary and grammar. In each game the student is asked to remember words, to conjugate verbs, to decline adjectives or to insert prepositions and articles. It can be used for self-learners to training the language in an amusing way everywhere: during a flight, in a train, on the beach. It can also be used as an exercise book during the lesson or for vacations.