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Publisher: Marsilio Editori

Format: hardcover

Ovunque tu vada

Public prosecutor Jakob Dekas, shut off from the wet heat biting Bolzano in mid-August, receives an unexpected visit from Milena Roman, once again going to him for help: her former boyfriend is a stalker. He torments her pestering her with phone calls, waits for her outside her house, appears and disappears on her bus day after day. To Dekas it’s only a nuisance: in fact the man does not commit any offence. A few months later, in Winter, the corpse of Otto Pixner is found in the park of Villa Clemens, residence to the renowned lawyer Lukas Plattner, a close friend with whom Pixner used to share a passion for gambling. First a fainting, then the freezing overnight. Apparently all looks fine if for a doubt aroused by the old man’s family doctor that requires a postmortem. Pixner was absolutely healthy. While Dekas is engaged in solving the Pixner case, a mythomaniac breaks into his professional life: a young woman is accusing a priest of having raped her when she was still a little girl. For many a long year the violence has remained hidden in her brain, to come up gradually thanks to a psychotherapist’s help. What do these three apparently unconnected cases have in common with each other? What’s hiding behind the enchanted beauty of the Dolomites reddening sunset, within the folds of a somehow politically correct but moralistic society?

KT was born in Bolzano where she lives and works as a manager in public services. She has studied and did research work on social deviance phenomena. For many years she’s worked in organizing social services. This is her first novel.

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