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Publisher: Graphot Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-89509-71-5

Pensa Sotterraneo

One of the first three novels of the DARK SIDE collection.
A frenetic, magnetic rhythm in a book that joins Turin’s Pietro Micca galleries with Palermo’s Cappuccini catacombs and with the underwater tunnels in Saint Paul in Mississippi.
An unexpected travel under the town that will radically change the two main characters, Jonathan and Kate, lives in an increasing action, unwanted meetings and underground foolish.

From Cristina Vezzaro’s review (
It is a well-built underground plot full of splatter elements that upset the reader, attracted and rejected at the same time from what seems to be impossible but that is not both as reality or metaphor. Pensa sotterraneo is at the same time a claustrophobic history full of obsessions and darkness, labyrinths and persecutions and an history of hope where betrayals and human horrors are faced with the discovery of friendship and love and faith becomes the only way for surviving. Because there is always an exit at the end of the tunnel. Even when we find ourselves meddled into life events without that original sin that seems to give origin to all sufferings.

Federico Jahier collaborates with the magazine “L’indice dei libri del mese”. He collaborates with the bulletin “Agape immaginaria” and with several socio-economical magazines. He is a short films director at Festival Cinema Giovani. He was a theatre animator following  Augusto Boal’s Forum and Flic dans la tête methods.
He presented his book on several occasions, the more suggestive in an ex jail crowded with public. He has been the main character in a storytelling: Storytown at the International Book Fair.

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