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Publisher: Round Robin Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788895731155

Pippo Fava (Lo spirito di un giornale)

Book Series: Libeccio (South westerly wind)
Genre: Graphic Novel

Catania 1980. In the so called “Milan of the South”, the Nitto Santapaola’s clan is bossing around. The Sicilian Mafia, Cosa Nostra, intertwines with political institutions with power games made of people shot dead, large scale public works, corruption and floods of money. In this marvellous and sick land, lives and works Giuseppe (Pippo) Fava a journalist who tells the truth without omitting any details. Pippo’s words of love and death, beauty and desperation, become a threat that needs to be knocked down at any cost. From his paintings to his short stories and plays, everything in Pippo Fava is full of love for his land. Just one year after the publication of the first issue of “I Siciliani”, the monthly magazine which has historically set the model for the freedom of speech in Italy, the journalist was killed from five gunshots fired in cold blood by merciless killers who decided, on 5 January 1984, to break up the voice of a man who would never be forced into silence. This graphic novel tells the story of a man who faced openly and with the power of words a system that nobody else had dared to denounce. In 1981, Pippo Fava wrote: “To those who were hiding and were not brave enough to prevent violence and tyranny, someone said: ‘The day when your turn will come, you won’t be able to escape anymore, nor will be your voice so loud for someone to come and help you.’”

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