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Publisher: Armando Editore

Format: hardcover

Rania’s Country

This book is an inquiry about Jordan, the Arabic country that has an economy not oil based, and for this reason is not a rich country; however the population is very kind and hospitable and foreign people are always welcome. Jordan is governed by two young kings who work to improve their subjects’ status: Abdallah II al-Hashem, son of the man who brought the peace to the country and Rania al-Yassin, Palestinian, beautiful, cultured woman. She fights for human rights, in particular for woman and children’s rights. This is a modern country, but it has a critical point: the murder of honor, a crime punished only with few months of detention.

Mimmo del Giudice is a parliamentary journalist. He is an Islamic expert and Muslim’s world highly capable. He is Professor at Perugia’s University for foreigners. He left in Somalia and in different Arabic countries. He wrote The Emir’s veil (2002).

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