Book Detail

Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

Format: hardcover


A basic elementary to advanced level Italian language course, Rete! includes multimedia materials, an internet site ( with supplementary activities, and a set of books to develop specific language skills.

Rete! This is not just a manual to teach Italian; it is a series of projects to learn the language.

The project consists of:

a) A basic manual that can be used by itself or integrated with the other components of the project.
b) A Web site,, with additional materials on Italian culture updated daily.
c) Targeted materials to develop very specific skills based on the interests and needs of students.
d) Materials (in various formats) to reinforce some of the more complex aspects.
e) Multimedia materials of various kinds, especially online material.
f) Teacher’s materials which allows for the teaching and study of Italian in an increasingly authentic and lively manner.